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4 unexpected consequences of a serious crash

Posted by Anita F. O'Meara, Esq. | Dec 01, 2020 | 0 Comments

After a severe car accident, victims often discover immediate fallout. People are hurt; their cars are damaged; they need to go to the hospital and make a police report. 

However, there are other repercussions of a crash that can catch people off guard. These damages can be just as devastating as the immediate, physical damage, but people often overlook them or expect them to be much less serious than they ultimately become.

Some possible consequences that might surprise people include:

  1. Emotional distress: A car crash can cause emotional trauma. People can suffer from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the accident itself and the challenges of recovering from physical injuries.
  2. Inability to work: Injuries, surgery, rehabilitation and ongoing medical care can prevent a person from their job. Whether a person misses a month of work or cannot work indefinitely, they can lose their income, not to mention crucial benefits provided through employment.
  3. Changes in personal relationships: After an accident, people can struggle to maintain relationships. They may be less independent and angry; they may not be able to contribute financially to the family; they can experience personality and mood changes due to brain injuries. All of these consequences can take an adverse toll on personal relationships.
  4. Lifestyle adjustments: Catastrophic injuries like paralysis, brain damage and amputation can drastically affect a person's lifestyle. They may need accommodations in their homes and parties to help them get around if they cannot drive. These and other adjustments can be necessary to help a person find a new normal.

You may not consider these types of outcomes when you think of what happens to victims in a car accident, but people often struggle with at least one.

Understanding these types of consequences can make them a little less surprising and enable people to recognize just how much damage a crash can cause. When negligence or recklessness causes an accident, victims deserve to have all damages recognized should they pursue a legal claim.

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