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The O'Meara Law Firm, PC, has been a trusted legal advocate for families and businesses throughout Chester County and Southeastern Pennsylvania since 2005. For over 35 years, the Founder, Anita O'Meara, has served as advocate, planner, and litigator for families, businesses and estates, protecting and preserving their interests now and for the future.   

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Anita is proud to call Chester County her home. She has resided there for over 30 years, raising her family and being active in her community, often volunteering and supporting her church (pastoral council and youth activities), the schools and the local government. Anita views her role as a lawyer as a community servant who focuses on earning the privilege of assisting her community.

Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer  

Pennsylvanians are experiencing one of the largest transfers of family wealth in decades with implications for individuals of every economic status and familiar relationship. Grandparents and grandchildren, parents of young children, teens and not so young children, businesses, business partners and their spouses, all are impacted by inheritances and estate burdens.

With an estate and legacy plan properly drafted for each stage of life, you can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and will experience the least burdensome transition of your assets when you pass. If your goal is to preserve a legacy for your loved ones and protect your assets against creditors, long-term care costs, and unnecessary probate, we at The O'Meara Law Firm, PC can guide you toward creating a legacy of value for the future and ensuring your wishes control your future, even if you are no longer able to advocate for yourself. 

The O'Meara Law Firm, PC, represents clients at every stage of life with assets of all ranges of value, throughout Chester, Delaware, Lancaster and Montgomery counties, including small and extended families, as well as businesses. We offer multi-tiered flat fee estate planning packages with varying degree of services, ranging from wills, various trust options, powers of attorney for healthcare and financial interests, healthcare directives or living wills, and business succession planning. We offer peace of mind knowing you can leave this world with your legacy intact and sound guidelines for the administration of your wishes and assets. 

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