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How to prevent a truck accident

Posted by Anita F. O'Meara, Esq. | Aug 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

We have discussed common causes of truck accidents on this blog in the past. Understanding the reasons for truck accidents can help Pennsylvania residents prepare for their commute, but there are other safety measures you can take to ensure your protection.

Stay clear of blind spots

Due to their size, trucks have much larger blind spots than a regular vehicle. The blind spots include the sides and rear of the truck. With larger blind spots, a truck driving might not see you when they try to merge. They may also slam on their brakes without realizing you're behind them. Either of these scenarios can lead to a severe accident.

Of course, you will likely have to drive behind or alongside a truck at some point. Do your best to carefully switch lanes and pass the truck at your earliest convenience to prevent an unexpected crash.

Give yourself more room when merging

Trucks need more time to slow down, again, due to their size. If you want to pass a truck or are switching lanes, it's essential to give yourself plenty of room when merging. Cutting a truck off too closely may make the truck driver unable to brake fast enough.

Instead, be patient and wait until you have more space to switch lanes. You will be able to protect yourself and other drivers much better this way.

Avoid driving too close behind a truck

As mentioned earlier, the rear of a truck is a major blind spot. Since the driver cannot see you behind them, if they brake too suddenly, you might end up driving right into them.

Plus, trucks are much higher from the ground than conventional vehicles. Your car may get stuck underneath the truck instead, putting you at risk of a catastrophic accident and injuries.

Give trucks the time to turn

Whether making a right or left turn, trucks need more space and more time. Instead of speeding past them, stay out of the way and wait until they complete the turn.

For left turns, many trucks make the turn from a center lane to allow for the extra space they need. Pay attention to their turn signals and give the truck driver the chance to turn safely before you follow.

Call an attorney if injured

Truck accidents make up some of the most catastrophic motor vehicle crashes. Of the 4,761 deaths reported in 2017 from truck accidents, 72% of the deaths were the occupants of passenger vehicles.

Despite all the safety measures you take, an accident can still happen. If you sustain injuries from a truck crash, you have the right to seek compensation. A knowledgeable attorney can help you receive benefits to cover your injuries and other damages.

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