Employment Law Matters

The O’Meara Law Firm, PC can represent employers or employees in claims involving allegations of retaliation, whistle blowing, discrimination, FMLA, ADA and other work place protections. We are often retained by employers and employees to draft, review and  enforce employment manuals, employment agreements, trade secret and confidentiality agreements, severance agreements, noncompete agreements and independent contractor/consulting agreements and policies.

Litigation Services

At The O’Meara Law Firm, PC, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving a productive, fair and efficient workplace environment. We will aggressively represent you in employment law disputes involving:

  • Wrongful Discharge or Discipline,
  • Discrimination, Harassment or Retailiation,
  • Collective Bargaining And Employee Rights,
  • FMLA, ADA,
  • Severance Packages,
  • Hiring Agreements
  • Non-Competition Agreements
  • Wage and Hour

Venues We Participate In:

When dispute cannot be resolved through assertive mediation or negotiations, we will represent you in the following venues:

  • State and Federal Courts and Labor Board Hearings, EEOC
  • Workers’ Compensation Judges and Appeals
  • Unemployment Compensating Judges and Appeal
  • Social Security Administration Hearings and Appeals

Claims before an EEOC or administrative panel and union grievance committees, as well as Human Resource investigations often carry significant consequences for employers and employees. Having an experienced litigation attorney assisting at every stage of the dispute resolution process often results in an amicable resolution in the appropriate case. It will also ensure a proper foundation for trial in either federal or state court.

Workers’ Compensation claims, from both the defense and claimant perspective, require an experienced lawyer familiar with medical and legal issues involved. Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation laws are evolving; make sure your lawyer is up to the challenge.

Consulting Services:

No one enters an employment relationship anticipating a battle later on. Properly drafted employment contracts and policy manuals help to eliminate legal disputes down the road. Employers, make sure you have a properly drafted agreement and all parties know their legal rights before hiring, firing or disciplining employees, consultants and agents. Employees, before entering into any legal agreement, accepting a job offer or termination, severance or retirement package, be sure to understand your rights and options.