Della A. Beaver

Ms. Beaver has been the independent owner of DAB Paralegal Services, Inc. for 6 years, providing a wide variety of independent paralegal support services to law firms and corporations.
Ms. Beaver has a wealth of Defense Litigation Experience for a national casualty insurer for its staff counsel operations. In this position she participated in pre-trial litigation through investigation, correspondence, pleadings, discovery and witness preparation and trial litigation.

Her past experience includes Operations Manager of a national behavioral staffing company with 201-500 employees where she supervised the day-to-day operations of the behavioral health care staffing teams. Prior to becoming Operations Manager she served as Corporate Paralegal for the company for over 5 years. Her duties included business organization, drafting shareholder and board minutes for the company’s affiliates and drafting various human resource materials; representation of the company and its affiliates in Unemployment and Workers Compensation Hearings; as well as being responsible for litigation management and independent contractor management for the company and its affiliates.


  • Main Line Paralegal
  • Penn State University